School of Agronomy
School of Plant Protection
School of Horticulture
School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
School of Animal Science & Technology
School of Tea & Food Science
School of Natural Sciences
School of Life Sciences
School of Resources & Environment
School of Engineering
School of Textile Engineering & Art
School of Information & Computer Science
School of Economics & Management
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
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School of Marxism
Department of Physical Education
Division of Academic Research
School of Information
Sun Li
Embedded System & Application, Computer Information Process
Li Yang
Computer Communications and Networks
Wireless Sensor Network , Robot Intelligent Control.
Meng Hao
Computer control
Lichuan GU
machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence
Zhaohui Jiang
Agricultural informatics
Li Shao Wen
Youhua Zhang
Digital Agriculture;IT Application;Logistics Information