School of Agronomy
School of Plant Protection
School of Horticulture
School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
School of Animal Science & Technology
School of Tea & Food Science
School of Natural Sciences
School of Life Sciences
School of Resources & Environment
School of Engineering
School of Textile Engineering & Art
School of Information & Computer Science
School of Economics & Management
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
School of Foreign Languages
School of Marxism
Department of Physical Education
Division of Academic Research
School of Engineering
Cao chengmao
ntelligent Detection and Control Technology; Agricultural Mechanization, etc.
Xia ping
Agricultural Engineering
Theory and Design of Machinery; CAD/CAM
Zheng quan
Modern automobile design technology, tractor design
Zhu Dequan
Agricultural Machinery
Chen Liqing
Transmission system design, intelligent agricultural machinery equipment
Lin Zhu
Mechanical Structure Analysis, Biomechanical Issues.
Liu Sumei
CAD&CAE; Electromechanical Integration; Intelligent farming
ZHANG Xiaolong
Vehicle Engineering
Shen Mu ZHong
New Energy and Electrocheical Engineeringl