School of Agronomy
School of Plant Protection
School of Horticulture
School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
School of Animal Science & Technology
School of Tea & Food Science
School of Natural Sciences
School of Life Sciences
School of Resources & Environment
School of Engineering
School of Textile Engineering & Art
School of Information & Computer Science
School of Economics & Management
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
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Department of Physical Education
Division of Academic Research
School of Resources
Hua Rimao
Pesticide and environmental toxicology; Biological pesticide; Risk assessment for quality and safety of pesticide residue in agricultural products
Youhua Ma
Soil Science
Cao Deju
Environmental Pollution & Control and bioremediation technology; Environmental Assessment
Jiang Yue-lin
Agricultural meteorology, climate change response, terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle and climate resource utilization
Xue-de LI
Environmental mornitoring and assessment,environmental toxicology
Si You-Bin
Soil Environmental Chemistry
Zhu Lin
Soil Biology, Soil Fertility and Soil
Wu Houzhang
(1)Insect ecology and pest insect management;(2)Ecological engineering;(3)Ecological disposal and resource utilization of agricultural waste;(4)Modern ecological agriculture model and technology;
Hong-jian GAO
Agricultural Resource and Environment; New fertilizer Research and Development; Theory and Practice of Plant Nutrient High Use Efficiency
Yin Chu
Water Resources and Environment
Hongxiang Hu
soil nutrient cycling and management, soil and water conservation and agricultural pollution prevention and control, resource utilization and environmental ecology
Yang Shuyun
Xungang Gu
Plant Nutrition Physiology; Applied Analytical Chemistry; Tea Biochemistry; Fertilizer & Fertilization Science