School of Agronomy
School of Plant Protection
School of Horticulture
School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
School of Animal Science & Technology
School of Tea & Food Science
School of Natural Sciences
School of Life Sciences
School of Resources & Environment
School of Engineering
School of Textile Engineering & Art
School of Information & Computer Science
School of Economics & Management
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
School of Foreign Languages
School of Marxism
Department of Physical Education
Division of Academic Research
School of Tea
Xiaochun Wan
Tea biochemistry
Tao Xia
Tea Processing and Tea Biochemistry
Jiang Changjun
Biotechnology and genetic breeding of tea plant
Zhengzhu Zhang
Tea Quality Control & Comprehensive Utilization
`s\vl VE`s\vl V
Zhien Ding
Food Science; functional food
Xianfeng Du
Longquan Huang
Food nutrition, vitamin, phytochemistry
Lu Ning
Food Science and Engineering
Chao-Ling Wei
Functional genomics in tea plant, molecular breeding of tea plant, and molecular mechanism of interaction between tea plant and pest
Jinsong Zhang
Nutrition and Toxicology; Tea for Health
Wei, Shu
Tea Plant Biology
Yibin Zhou
Food Chemistry; Agricultural product processing; Native Components Function and Metabolism.
Food biotechnology, tea or fruits material based beverage technology
Guanhu Bao
Natural Products Chemisty, chemical biology, Tea and health
Zhongwen Xie
Nutrition and preventive medicine
Yu Zhou
Micobiology & Mycotoxin
Ruyan Hou
Food Qulitiy and Saftey, Food Nutrition
Huimei Cai
Food Quality and Safety
Jingming Ning
Tea processing and quality evaluation