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School of Plant Protection
School of Horticulture
School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture
School of Animal Science & Technology
School of Tea & Food Science
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Division of Academic Research
School of Forestry
forest ecology, forest environment, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, forest ecological ecology
XU Xiao-niu
Silviculture, Forest biogeochemistry, Disturbance ecology
Chuangui Wang
Properties and Processing of Wood and Biomass Material
Chenglin Huang
urban landscape planning and design
Huang Qingfeng
Sustainable Forest management;Forest resource inventory and planning;RS&GIS technology application in forestry
Songling Fu
Forestry Ecology and Landscape plant
li jing
Landscape Planning and Design
Feng-Lin Hu
Metabolomics, Bioactive compounds identification, and Utilization of economic forest plants
Hui Gao
High value application of biomass materials
LIU Shengquan
Wood science and technology
Yunbin Zhang
Urban Planning; Landscape Design
Xiang Yan
Plant Genetic Breeding & Biotechnology Application
Bo Huang
molecular systematics of Entomogenous fungi; Molecular pathogenesis of insect fungi;Microbial control
Shao Zhuoping
Wood Science and Technolog
wang youhong
Properties and modification of biomass materials
1. Timber construction and properties;2. Wood identification and identification;3. Wood material improvement and efficient utilization
Zhang Longwa
Cui-Ping Cao
Genetic Improvement of Forest Tree; Molecular Population Genetics
Xu Kefu
Landscape Planning and Design 、Forest Urban Planning and Green Space System Planning
Zhongkai Wang
Sustainable Polymers from Biomass